Kumiko HABA


For students:
I started to learn the history of international Relations and Nationalism, and have taught international relations theory and global regional politics for over 30 years. Major developments, namely, the Regional Integration, the Enlargement of the EU and NATO, East Aian Regional Cooperation,,the Origin and the End of the Cold War, the Nationality Questions.
My focus is on the border question of the enlarged EU and their European and National Identity.. I traveled between "European borders," including Kaliningrad in Russia, Western Ukraine, Vojvodina in Serbia, Transylvania in Romania, Turkey, and Greece, and "Europe's centers," including Brussels, Paris, and London. Originally, I was studying international relations with a focus on Frence. Then, I conducted intensive research on Central and Eastern Europe, after the Break up of the Habsburg Monarch.. Subsequently, I became interested in and have been researching disparities between the western and eastern areas of the enlarged Europe, differences and diversities in the recognition of the European identity, and neo-nationalism in the East and West. Beginning with an international symposium at the University of London and Harvard University, I have organized various symposiums, including a symposium which invited Anthony Giddens, John Ikenberry, Joseph Nye and many important scholars.

My motto is: "Hitch your wagon to a star", by Emarson, Society and Solitude. And our Haba seminar students' motto is "Spread Your Wings to the World, and your dreams come true!". More than 760 students and graduate students graduated Haba seminar and are already playing active roles for society in the world and in Japan.
I am eager to support students for playing active roles in the world, considering the minority and weak people as well. . With all of our students, Please think flexibly, analyzing International society from pluralistic perspectives , sharing a critical understanding to our politics and societies, check the theories by empirical data and issues. Please fix your eyes not from the Power side, but from the People's side, or weak, poor, minority side, so you can understand your society more exactly and rightly.


Professor Kumiko Haba is a Professor of Aoyama Gakuin University, next Vice President of International Studies Association (ISA, USA) (2016-17), the largest Association in North America of International Relations, 6200 members.

She is a Member of Science Council for Japan (SCJ), Jean Monnet Chair in the EU, and Director of Institute for Global International Relations.

She is a Former Governing Council member of the ISA, USA, Vice Chair of Council of East Asian Community (CEAC), and Vice President of International Academic Society for Asian Community (IASAC).

She served a Directorate of JPSA (Japan Political Science Association), JAIR(Japan Association of International Relations), EUSAJ(European Union Studies Association in Japan), JAREES (Japan Association for Russia and East European Studies), JASEES (Japan Association for East European Studies), and JAIR(Japan Association of International Relations).

She was a visiting Scholar in Hungarian Academy of Science (1994-95), University of London (1995-96), University of Sorbonne, Paris (2004), European University Institute, Florence (2007), and Harvard University, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs (WCFIA)(2011-12).

She wrote 53 books, including co-editing and co-writing, and more than160 articles, on European Union, NATO, Nationality Questions, and International Politics, and Central and Eastern Europe.

Courses Taught

Graduate school: Studies of European Union, Comparative Politics, Theory of Regional Studies
European International Relations, European Politics, Asian Regional Integration, Seminars

Research Interests

Her Specialty is International Relations, EU and Asian Regional Integration, and Nationalism. Her professional positions in Government & Ministries are Research Committee member of the Cabinet Research Office and Ministry of Treasury on the EU and Euro, Committee member of Japan-EU Relations of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Committee of Council for University Chartering and School Juridical Person, Screening Committee of Scientific Research Fund of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science(MEXT).


Recent Publications

She wrote 53 books, 12 English books, including co-editing and co-writing, and more than160 articles, academic ones and general ones.

Recent publications are following:  12 English books. And 41 Japanese books
Great Power Politics and the Future of Asian Regionalism, at Harvard University, ed. by Kumiko Haba, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, 2013.
The Euro Crisis and European Political Economy, ---France, Germany and Central Europe---,   Ed. by Robert Boyer, Ivan T. Berend, and Kumiko Haba, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, 2013.
Asian Economic Development and Collaborative Relations among EU, Asia and Japan, ed. by Kumiko Haba, Szerdahelyi Istvan, Brij Tankha & Wang Min, Aoyama Gakuin University, 2012. 194p.
The Regional Integration and Institutionalization comparing Europe and Asia, Ed. by G John Ikenberry, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, and Kumiko Haba, Shokado, Kyoto, 2012. 284 p.
The Regional Integration in Asia and Europe: Theoretical and Institutional Comparative Studies and Analysis, Ed. by G. John Ikenberry, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, and Kumiko Haba, Aoyama Gakuin University, 2011. 177p.
Followings are co-writers: 5
The End of the Cold War and the Regional Integration in Europe and Asia, Ed by Robert Frank, Kumiko Haba and Hiroshi Momose, Aoyama Gakuin University, 2010. 451p. (Proceedings Book on the International Conference of the End of the Cold War and the Regional Integration in 2009)
(Kumiko Haba, "The Origin of the Cold War and Eastern Europe", pp. 193-215.
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Russia and NATO: New Areas for Partnership, The papers of the International Conference, February 6-7, 2004. St. Petersburg State University Press, Russia, 2004. 105 p. (Kumiko Haba, "NATO Enlargement and the Iraq War, Central and Eastern Europe under the Influence of the US", pp. 44-52..)

Japanese books (41 books) and more than 160 articles on academic ones and general ones.

Challenge of the Enlarged Europe: EU as a Global Power, Chuko Shinsho, 2014. (New edition)
63 Chapters of the European Union, 2013 (third edition)
Asian Regional Integration under the Global Era, Iwanami Publisher, Tokyo, 2012. (Translated to Chinese and Korean)
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