Okiyoshi TAKEDA


I have been working in two different fields: legislative studies (political science) and Asian American Studies (interdisciplinary). In the former area, my main focus is on U.S. Congress; in particular, I have conducted statistical analysis of the determinants of bill passage, on which I wrote my Ph.D. dissertation. In the latter area, I have studied racial/ethnic identities of college Asian American students (using interviews and participant observation) and political representation of Asian Americans in U.S. Congress and in state legislature. My involvement in these two distinctive fields convinced me of the merits of both quantitative and qualitative research methods. I hope to teach the importance of research design as well as the dynamics of American politics and society as I saw them during my graduate study.


Nov. 2000. Ph. D. in Politics, Princeton University.
Nov. 1995. M.A. in Politics, Princeton University.
Mar. 1992. M.A. in Political Science, the University of Tokyo.
Mar. 1990. B.A. in Political Science, the University of Tokyo.

Courses Taught

Seminar in American Politics and Society (undergraduate)
American Politics (graduate / undergraduate)
Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods (graduate / undergraduate)
Political Process (undergraduate)

Research Interests

American Politics; in particular,
(1)legislative studies -- U.S. Congress
(2)racial and ethnic studies -- Asian Americans, and their representation in U.S. Congress and in state legislatures

Political Science Research Methods, in particular,
(1)synthesis and comparison across quantitative and qualitative methods
(2)research ethics


Recent Publications

"How Far Have We Come? Asian Pacific Americans in Introductory American Government Textbooks in Three Different Time Periods," Politics, Groups, and Identities (Western Political Science Association) 6 (3) (2018), pp. 494-505 (refereed).

"A Model Minority? The Misrepresentation and Underrepresentation of Asian Pacific Americans in Introductory American Government Textbooks." Journal of Political Science Education 12 (4) (Oct. - Dec. 2016), pp. 387-402 (refereed).

"Closing the Gap: The Japanese American Leadership Delegation Program and Increasing Involvement of Japanese Americans in U.S.-Japan Relations." Japanese Journal of American Studies (Japanese Association for American Studies) (summer 2016), pp. 211-34.

"Japanese Americans in Academia and Political Discourse in Japan" in Yasuko Takezawa and Gary Y. Okihiro eds., Trans-Pacific Japanese American Studies: Conversations on Race and Racializations (Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press, 2016), pp. 385-88.

"A Forgotten Minority? A Content Analysis of Asian Pacific Americans in Introductory American Government Textbooks" PS: Political Science and Politics 48(3) (July 2015), pp. 430-39 (refereed).

"Book Review: Tomomi Yamaguchi, Saito Masami and Ogiue Chiki., 'Social Movements at a Crossroads: Feminism's "lost years" vs. grassroots conservatism'" Leviathan 54 (April 2014), pp. 144-48 (refereed) (in Japanese).

"Political Representation" in Xiaojian Zhao and Edward J. W. Park eds., Asian Americans: An Encyclopedia of Social, Cultural, Economic, and Political History, pp. 936-42. Santa Barbara, Calif.: Greenwood, 2014.

"Japanese American Leadership Delegation Program: The Emergence of a New Network of Japanese Americans Involved in U.S.-Japan Relations" Imin Kenkyu Nenpo (The Annual Review of Migration Studies), Vol. 18 (2012), pp. 139-50 (refereed) (in Japanese).

Asian American Politics (with Andrew L. Aoki) Cambridge, U.K.: Polity Press. 2009.

For previous publications and conference presentations, see the C.V. below.

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