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Global Studies Program

SIPEC to launch the Global Studies Program (GSP) for studying specialized subjects in English

SIPEC has launched the Global Studies Program (GSP), a program that offers a majority of subjects in English, in order to return to the school's starting point as a pioneer in international education and to enable many SIPEC students to fully unleash their potential on the world stage.

This English-focused program is designed to meet students' eagerness to learn specialized subjects on the international political economy in English. The program was first offered in the 2015 academic year for students who were enrolled at the university in the 2014 academic year or later. The existing lineup of 24 English-language classes will be expanded with the addition of 30 new specialized subjects taught in English.
This program requires that roughly half of the credits needed to graduate from SIPEC (at least 66 credits out of 132 credits) are credits obtained from specialized subjects taught in English. This requirement is expected to increase the number of international students from overseas and further stimulate international exchanges at the university.

Improving up your English skills, specialized skills, and communication skills will help you enormously in your study abroad experience and job hunting. This program is intentionally made non-compulsory and recruits students who are interested. We look forward to students taking on this bold challenge. Right now, we are looking into developing a scheme which will give GSP students an advantage in their selection for study abroad programs.